I greet you and am sincerely happy to have your attention.
Thank you very much!

In addition to relaying information relevant to my life as a singer, I hope that this website will bring me personally a little bit closer to you.
Music is my way, my medium, my life.
My voice is my outlet, my best companion and my harshest critic.
Together they form the framework that carries me through life.

I am careful to stay in the middle of life, because I share Hanns Eisler’s conviction:“He who only understands music, does not understand even that.”

To this end: I wish you a hearty welcome!


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Jump-in at the DRK – Opera Gala in Duisburg

It can go so fast.

On 17.11. at 18.00. The Duisburg Symphony Orchestra play under Lukas Beilkircher,

Moderation Katja Burkhard and many great colleagues from Düsseldorf will sing along.

I will sing ADALGISA and am looking forward to it.

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Nomination for the German Theater Prize „THE FAUST“ 2018


I have been nominated for the Faust Prize in the category „best singer actress music theater“ for my performance of the Penthisilea in the same named opera at the Theater Bonn. What a tremendous award!

The presentation of the theater prize „THE FAUST“ will take place on November 3, 2018 in Regensburg. The event honors outstanding artistic achievements in eight categories and awards a lifetime achievement award.

As you can probably imagine, I rejoice unruly!!!






19:00 Uhr

9. Symphonie Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven


Dirk Kaftan

Beethoven Orchester Bonn


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6:00 pm Uhr

Lohengrin (Ortrud)

Richard Wagner

Theatre Bonn


Dirk Kaftan

Stage Director:

Marco Arturo Marelli

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